Enjoy a rich, and tasty tea brewed for the experience. Whether it's a strong and milky morning cup or a punchy iced tea, brewing with rolled whole leaves gives you a smoother, deeper, richer taste. Made with organic ingredients, packed with a flavor punch

Chai Tee was founded in 2020 and continues to grow from strength to strength. As a community of tea drinkers, most of us know very little about where our tea comes from and the different types of tea that are available to us. Our goal is to pioneer a world of the highest quality loose leaf teas and infusions while helping our customers understand the origins, health benefits, and flavors behind our finest selection of teas.

At Chai Tee, we are on a mission to deliver organic, fresh premium teas that make a difference for your taste buds. We are tea lovers and have followed it through famous tea-drinking countries and cultures throughout the time.

In the past, tea was a tool for rebellion and sparked wars, now it's become a source of quiet and comfort. But not to us. To us, tea is an opportunity. To excite the senses. To surprise your taste buds. With a diverse range of bold flavors and bright colors. Hell, even “normal” flavors have some kind of weird or wonderful twist.

We source our ingredients from all corners of the globe and our offerings include a number of exceptional teas from some of the most prestigious tea gardens in Asia. From black teas to green teas and herbal infusions, we consistently introduce new and exciting flavors for you to discover. Chai Tee is about tea as a global drink, not just a tea tradition.

DID YOU KNOW: It takes around 2,000 tiny leaves to make just one pound of finished tea. Tea plants grow wild in parts of Asia, but they can also be farmed. The very best tea comes from high elevations and is hand-picked.


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